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We are your SOLUTION because Growing Performance provides your …

1.  … internal champion– ensuring that your strategy and vision permeates throughout your organization

2.  …strategy partner– your sounding board for your strategic considerations 

3.  …tactician – maneuvering with you through the fierce business arena

4.  … external human  resource management whose systems ensure that your human resource adds value to your company’s offering

5.  … interim manager  who gets onboard and in the trenches to manage through a change or crisis while modeling for your team practical approaches 

6.  … financial strategistwho crafts the optimum and linked financial structure for your organization’s resources and needs 

7.  … performance specialist– optimizing your systems, implementing effective structures and engaging your staff

8.  … innovative and objective thinker  who ensures that you look at all the perspectives to keep you current, competitive  and robust 

9.  … employee relation strategist  who guides you through your volatile industrial relations landscape  

10.   proventransformation specialist  who monitors you through your organization’s  adjustments

11.  … change manager  whois committed to achieving staff buy-in and getting your people onboard

12.  … ongoing support– just a call away! 

13.  … Performance ArchitectSMwho ensures that the preconditions are in place for high performance

14.  … committed companion to an expanding family-run business 

15.  … on-call image consultantto companies that want to make an impact

16.  … sounding board– committed to your success– which is ultimately our success

17.  … responsible consultant– our solutions are easy to implement and maintain once we are no longer an integral part of your organization

18.  … supplementary professionals– available when neededto bolster lean and agile organizations’ competencies 

19.  … System  Designerwho customizes operational systems to improve your organization’s performance 

20.  … your inspiration

powering organizations from the inside


  • We harness your organization’s power for success and high performance.  

  1. Develop performance management system (PMS)
  2. Manage rollout of PMS 
  3. Enhance Performance  
  4. Evaluate and craft performance standards 
  5. Source  electronic PMS
  6. Execute PMS from strategic through operations planning to employee alignment 

  • Align strategies with business goals
  • Align leadership development with strategy
  • Build high performance teams
  • Align staff to business strategy
  • Employee assessments
  • Mentoring

powering organizations from the inside


Our solutions power the organization from the inside.

Growing Performance focuses on Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Organization Image as well as the implementation of Financial, HR and Customer Services systems.

Our solutions come from the time we spend with you - getting to know you.  

It is only after our  investigations that the solutions would be crafted.