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Grow YOUR Performance ...

Solid growth path for TRANSITIONS & IMAGING:


Growing Performance will strengthen you to springboard you into emerging, changing and growing economic climate.  We work with you to identify opportunities to strengthen your operations, strategies, people and customer relationships.  Are you considering transitioning

  • … from family-owned to corporate structures?
  • … for trade & globalization?
  • … following mergers?
  • … through different stages of your business lifecycle?
  • … for business expansion?
  • … for business contraction?

  1. Come out from the cyclic downturn stronger than your competitors.  The current economic climate makes it ideal for deep preparation of staff and systems for the necessary mobilization that is up ahead. Our services include: Organizational Positioning
  2. Organization Spring boarding (to exploit environmental conditions)
  3. Cultural Transformation
  4. Customer Service Delivery System Overhauling
  5. Organization Re-engineering
  6. Organization Design 
  7. Policy Development & Implementation
  8. Change Management
  9. Structural & Systems Overhauling 

Releasing your organization’s power is one thing, sustainingit is another. 

Growing Performance works closely with key players, coaching and developing them to make and maintain the required shifts.  Our services include:

  1. Executive & Management Coaching
  2. HR System Improvement Coaching
  3. Staff Coaching
  4. Team Coaching

Exploit your brand now: stand out from your competition and align your entire organization.  Growing Performance focuses on internal AND external imaging.  

To create a distinguishing message and strategy  for its internalization and projection, we offer:

  1. Branding – Internal and External
  2. Business Etiquette 
  3. Corporate Dress
  4. Imaging, Visioning & Alignment for Staff
  5. Organizational Imaging, Visioning & Alignment

Be tooled at all levels.  

Growing Performance powers you  for high performance with:

  1. Leadership Development 
  2. Management Development
  3. New Managers Development
  4. Interpersonal Skills Development
  5. Career Planning & Development
  6. Staff Development 
  7. Supervisors Development
  8. Team Development

Solid growth path for SYSTEMS STRENGTHENING:



Regardless of your organization’s configuration, if your systems are not in place and ‘responding’ to your needs for real-time decision-making, you will not be able to optimize your organization’s potential and power.  

Growing Performance works with you to strengthen existing systemsand create appropriate ones so that you are robust in your approaches to:

  1. Operational Finance
  2. Accounting 
  3. Budgeting 

Accounting departments & units

Performance standards

For companies committed to having working systems for accountability and responsibility. 

Growing Performance analyzes your approaches  and procedures and develops systems appropriate for:

·  Financial reporting

· Management accounting

· Comparative analysis 

· Performance modeling

·  Benchmarking


Whatever your business, clientele, location, if your systems are not in place and ‘facilitating’, you will not be able to tap into your people power to realize your organization’s full potential.

Growing Performance’s improvements will assist you maneuver through the current economic and competitive climate.  Be on a solid growth path, strengthen your organizational processes:

  1. Process analysis
  2. Process  mapping
  3. Limitations identification
  4. Process optimization

With Growing Performance, you will achieve and sustain customer satisfaction, retain customer loyalty and better manage your customer service image and reputation.  

Growing Performance puts you on a solid customer growth path withCustomer Service Delivery Systems improvements:

  1. Analysis & strategy
  2. Process, policies & procedures
  3. Customer Service Training

Growing Performance will prepare you to be in the right shape to achieve your strategic objective – growth, diversification, exploitation of new markets, etc.  Ensure what your entire organization are doing is well aligned and managed to take you where you want to go.  

We offerStrategic Planning and Implementation:

  1. Business strategy planning
  2. Strategy design & implementation

Growing Performance will bring value-added, highly interactive and proactive, user- systems to you.  We offer System Automation:

  1. Human Resource Information System
  2. Performance Management System
  3. Executive Dashboards
  4. Performance Metrics
  5. Electronic Succession Planning Systems
  6. Electronic Learning Management Systems
  7. Electronic Scorecards

Solid growth for your PEOPLE RESOURCES:


  • Your employees are your powerhouse.  

They must be adequately prepared, motivated and ‘onboard’.  Growing Performance offers Transformative HR services to assist your organization realize its  full potential and ignite your employees to realize theirs through:

  1. HR Strategy Development & Implementation
  2. HR System Evaluation & Implementation
  3. HR Organization Design
  4. HR System Re-Engineering
  5. HRIS
  6. Employee Relations Strategy
  7. Talent Management Strategy
  8. Succession Planning 

Your latent energy and power reside in your PEOPLE.  Harness their potential by systematically addressing your functional HR areas.  Growing Performance offers streamlined and systematized HR Operations

  1. Recruitment & Selection
  2. Disciplining & Termination
  3. Employee Handbook 
  4. Procedure Manual Development
  5. Onboarding

Power up your staff to handle your current and future work requirements!  Growing Performance customizes Learning and Development programming that fits into your scheduling considerations.  We employ strategies that ensure that learning is RELEVANT and UTILIZED.  Our offering includes:

  1. Business Writing
  2. Communications Skills
  3. Facilitation Skills 
  4. Learning/Training & Development
  5. Negotiations Skills
  6. Time Management
  7. Train-the-Trainer
  8. Business Etiquette
  9. Employee Deportment
  10. Corporate Dress for Success & Dress Code Development

Ultimately, we are your solid growth path  for Organization Performance.

We harness your organization’s power for success and high performance.  Growing Performance puts you on a solid growth path as you:

  1. Develop performance management system (PMS)
  2. Manage rollout of PMS 
  3. Evaluate and craft performance standards 
  4. Source  electronic PMS
  5. Execute PMS from strategic through operations planning to employee alignment 

  • Align strategies with business goals
  • Align leadership development with strategy
  • Build high performance teams
  • Align staff to business strategy
  • Employee assessments
  • Mentoring

4. Enhance Performance  

  • Policy
  • Procedure
  • Tactics
  • Coaching
  • Modeling
  • Buy-In