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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. How are your services, results and approaches different from other consultants’?

Once you engage Growing Performance, you get interim management, financial guru strategic guidance and hands on development.  While focused on your current organizational challenge, we are able address critical areas for which you may not have the time or bandwidth. We are thorough and bring a profound width and breadth of experience in a dynamic package.  We are committed to the solution that we sculpt with you and spend the time ensuring that you understand it from all angles.  We are inspirational in our approach and we believe that your success is ultimately our success.

2. What is the secret of your success?

We are committed to ensuring the changes are YOUR changes and regardless of the intervention, we work closely with ALL levels of the organization.

3. When clients come to you what are their issues?

They come when:

  • … the competition is getting more severe and they need to be more structured in their approach to business
  • … some of their staff is performing below standard
  • … they have to wait days, sometimes weeks and months for information to make critical business decisions
  • … they need to radically restructure
  • … they want some imaging work done
  • … they want to sell their business and they need to make the organization more attractive or efficient
  • … they have recently merged and are discovering that there are serious emergent staff issues and/or standardization of systems is a priority
  • … their staff are not engaged
  • … their staff are not engaging
  • … customers are dissatisfied 
  • … they want to communicate their strategic objectives throughout our firm and align staff accordingly
  • … their board is too involved in the day-to-day management 
  • … they need controls in place.  E.g. pilferage in their warehouse is out of control
  • … they have traditionally been a family-owned and run company but they need to shift to a more corporate structure
  • … their HR department deals with hiring, leave and employee problems but they want to get the best out of their employees and are looking for a Human Resource management perspective and strategy 
  • … staff is not on-board with rebranding initiatives
  • … they have been training staff but nothing change

4. Are your solutions technical?

Our solution must satisfy the needs of the people who must operate, manage and serve in the organizations in which we work.  It must be easy for them to use, manage AND maintain. If it is technical, employees go back to the old way of doing things.  An example is – when we work with a client to install a performance system, the system is technically sound but from the employees, managers and executives’ standpoint, they have the results they want.  Additionally, they must be able to do their work better and easier.  What levels/parts of the organization do you work with?

  • We work with all levels and parts of your organization. We address a variety of your needs from Strategy, Performance, Systems, Process, Finance, and Human Resource.  We work with your
  • board & executive
  • management
  • supervisors
  • staff
  • teams
  • departments/divisions/units
  • all or any of the above

5. Are you a Jack-of-all-trade? What is your area of expertise?

Our specialty is working with the parts of the organization that need strengthening, reimaging, transforming and/or where employee engagement is an issue.  We do not do everything in an organization but can work with all parts and players.

Often asked ...

6. When does an organization come to Growing Performance?

  • When there is a mission critical project such as the installation of a knowledge management system
  • When a company has a staff engagement challenge – high turnover, low morale, high absenteeism
  • When they want to optimize its systems 
  • When a company has a customer service challenge – dissatisfaction, long lines, returns, poor service
  • When they want to implement accountability and responsibility systems 
  • When they want to change direction or focus
  • When they want to reenergize

In short, companies come to us when they want to improve their business outcomes, control costs, and improve efficiencies.

7.  How do you work?  What are the steps?

Three elements are at the fore all the time.  (1) Ongoing communication to ALL involved is very important.  (2) 

Throughout the project, we measure, monitor and make required (approved) adjustments.  (3) We work very closely with you as we systematically advance from one stage to the next:

  1. Firstly, we identify and interpret agreed problems and issues
  2. Then we interpret and analyze the problems and issues 
  3. We give feedback and present alternatives 
  4. We then discuss the issues in depth
  5. Once you have outlined your preferred option, we outline and agree on the way forward 
  6. We implement your agreed intervention(s) ensuring that at all stages, there is staff buy-in and properly coached and trained management and staff
  7. Very important is our exit strategy. It is graceful and without disruption – leaving you stronger to systematically tackle your issues in the future

8. How long does a project last?

A project may last a day, a week, a month or even a year, depending on the depth and nature of work that you want to get done.  We discuss and determine the duration before the project begins.

9. Do you do “balanced scorecard”?  

Yes.  Growing Performance is committed to a strategic perspective, the footprint of which is a balanced scorecard that links your organization from the top to the bottom.  As we work, we are conscious of the four perspectives and their links, and constantly reinforcing and supporting your strategic objectives in an integrated manner:

  • The Customer Perspective– customer objectives & satisfaction, market share goals, etc.
  • The Learning & Growth Perspective– human capital, information capital (skills, leadership, systems, databases, etc.), organizational capital  
  • The Internal Process Perspective– performance measures (systems, & processes) 
  • The Financial Perspective– financial objectives & success 


10.  What can Growing Performance bring to our organization?

A fresh and easy way to do everything