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Solange Eccles-Sims, M.B.A., B.Sc.


Solange Eccles-Sims is a Performance Engineer.  She conceptualizes and ‘engineers’ organization systems to add value.  For over 20 years, Solange has been working in a range of sectors including shipping, construction, entertainment and manufacturing in organization transformation, resources and systems optimization and strategy development/ implementation.

Eccles-Sims customizes systems for accountability, responsibility and performance maximization. She has worked with companies at different stages in their business development cycle in the United Kingdom and Trinidad.  Her interventions at all levels of the organization include positioning companies for sale, establishing systems following a take-over or merger and changing companies’ corporate identity.  Noteworthy is her ability to capitalize on the synergies of the disciplines of Finance and Human Resources to implement systems in turbulent environments, and to win employees’ buy-in for mission critical initiatives.  Her competitive advantage comes from her ability to readily grasp the critical issues and conceptualise out of the box solutions.

Eccles-Sims remains focused on the big picture issues when she tackles the varying aspects of a business operation.  She uses her superior financial, analytical, numerical and IT skills to conceptualize and develop strategic and management tools and templates for her clients – giving them efficiencies that turn up in the bottom-line.  Her clients particularly value the personal and committed services that Solange offers.  She is balanced and thorough and innovative in her approaches.

Solange Eccles-Sims has an MBA from Henley Management College (England) with specialization in Strategic Planning and a B.Sc. in Sociology and Law with additional credits in Business Studies from The University of the West Indies (Barbados).  

Eccles-Sims was a Human Resource Lecturer at the School of Accounting and Management, the treasurer for four years for the Advertising Association of Trinidad and Tobago, and is currently a member of two children’s charities: En toto and Pour L' Innocent.  

Company Profile


Growing Performance focuses on Strategic Planning, Performance Management and the implementation of Customer Service, Human Resource, and Financial systems. 

Growing Performance works with businesses that are in transformation, development or restructure mode.  

While maintaining a strategic vision, 

Growing Performance helps businesses:

  • Increase sales  
  • Improve customer service
  • Make optimal use of financial, human and intellectual resources
  • Improve corporate image

Service Areas

  • Customer Service Improvement - With Growing Performance, you will achieve and sustain customer satisfaction, retain customer loyalty and better manage your customer service image and reputation.  We are rigorous in our approach to Customer Service Delivery.

  • Organization Restructuring-Growing Performancewill prepare you to be in the right shape to achieve your strategic objective – growth, diversification, exploitation of new markets, etc.  Ensure that your entire organization is adequately aligned to take you where you want to go.

  • Performance Management - We harness your organization’s power for success and high performance.  Growing Performanceputs you on a solid growth path with Performance Management Systems (PMS).

  • Systems Automation- Growing Performance will bring value-added and proactive user-systems to you.

  • Leadership, Management Staff Development/Coaching - Growing Performance works closely with key players, coaching and developing them to make and maintain the required shifts.

  • Branding and Imaging - to identify opportunities to strengthen your operations, strategies, people and customer relationships you are looking to transition.

  • HR Strategy and Management -Your latent energy and power reside in your PEOPLE.  Harness their potential by systematically addressing your functional HR areas.  Growing Performance offers streamlined and systematized HR Operations. Growing Performance customizes Learning and Development programming that fits into your scheduling considerations.

  • Financial Systems Strengthening - Regardless of your organization’s configuration, if your systems are not in place and ‘responding’ to your needs for real-time decision-making, you will not be able to optimize your organization’s potential and power. We work with you to address your accountability and responsibility challenges. Growing Performanceworks with you to strengthen existing systems and create appropriate ones so that you are robust in your approaches.

  • Cultural Transformation - Growing Performance offers transformative services to assist your organization realize its full potential and ignite your employees to realize theirs.

  •  Process Improvement - Growing Performance’s improvements will assist you maneuver through the current economic and competitive climate.  Be on a solid growth path, strengthen your organizational processes

Dianne JOB, MS, B.Sc.


Dianne JOB is an OD consultant/coach who has done work on 4 continents with 100s of CEOs; with fortune 10 companies and small & medium-sized enterprises, in the private and public sectors, and for multinationals and private practices.  

The “human factor”, with the gift and training to energize people, Dianne JOB develops and implements strategies for swift mobilization and internal imaging.  She is hired to transform cultures, to conduct the required corporate psychosocial behavioral training (team, communication/ presentation, etc.) and to coach executives: Dianne is a Performance Architect - she crafts the necessary preconditions for high performance.

JOB has taught in universities at home and abroad at undergraduate and PhD levels and presented to conferences, corporate and community audiences on 21st Century Human Resources, stress, self-esteem development, deportment, motivation and customer service systems.  JOB coordinated coaching forums to sharpen skills of Organization Development practitioners.

Dianne attended Long Island University and Mercy College (New York) and holds anMS in HR Management.  She was a postgraduate student of Counseling Psychology at Cambridge College. JOB completed joint Post Masters Studies in International Management - Strategy & Human Behavior – with ESCEM (Ecole Supérieur de Commerce et de Management, France) and Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.  She is certified in Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol (The Protocol School of Washington).  A Human Relations Practitioner, JOB attended the Human Development Institute, Massachusetts (USA).  Her B.Sc. is in Management Studies from The University of the West Indies (Barbados).   

In the Caribbean, throughout Europe, and in the USA, she has maintained her passion for community development with a focus on sharpening leadership skills and on preparing youth for business.  

Her current endeavor is associated with establishing All Your Faculties– Innovations in community development that explores individual potential and collective possibility. 

Dianne JOB is an artist, an inventive chef and an image/etiquette mentor.